Monday 8 June 2015

Video: Top 11 Failed Marriage Proposals That Will Make You Cringe - 'You Still Want to Propose in Public? Fine! I Warned You'.

In recent years, the pressure has built up for guys to propose to their would-be fiancées in new and creative ways. That's great -- who doesn't love a challenge? But sometimes that means proposing in a public place, and sometimes, no matter how awesome your proposal is, she says no. Here are some horribly embarrassing proposal fails. We hope these guys are doing OK. Plenty of fish and all that.

1. In front of a full stadium and a huge crowd at home watching it on television.

Damn, buddy.

2. And the same situation here.

Guys, maybe keep your proposals private?

3. Or in front of a smaller crowd, like your girlfriend’s family:

4. Nope? You still want to propose in public? Fine! I warned you.

5. Enough with the proposals during half-time at basketball events.

6. No, no, no! You’re just setting yourself up for failure.

7. But if you do chose to do it on live TV, don’t get your parents to watch.

8. In a food court? That’s my favourite place in the world, and now it’s not anymore.


9. So cold.

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10. Oh, damn. That’s awkward.

11. Bro, I wanna cuddle you so bad right now.

Our hearts go out to these men.

11 Failed Marriage Proposals That Will Make You Cringe
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