Thursday 9 July 2015


Baba Tee with Yetunde Oduwole
it’s true that a little grief shows a lot of love, then ask London-based cougar, Yetunde Bustline Oduwole as she  is finding it difficult toDEAL with the  emotions of breaking up with chubby comedian, Babatunde Bernard popularly known as Baba Tee.

Yetunde, apparently coming off the disappointment, is unhappy that her ex-lover boy has moved on and is now in the arms of a new lover, Odulate. Undoubtedly on the reboundFOLLOWING THEtumultuous relationship, she recorded herself in this video exclusive to NollywoodNewsNow.
Yetunde did not only cry, she cursed; such that one would want to ask who willCOMFORT her. Is this the ultimate expression of her love for him or profound expression of a lover lost and gone to another woman’s arms?


When Yetunde married baba tee two years ago her close friends worried by theNUMBER of years between them,urged her look for someone her age mate and their reason was not far fetched….that baba tee is too young,still childish and might hurt her.

Yetunde showed them ''age ain't nothing but a number'' and went ahead to marry the actor.
Today the marriage has crashed and theQUESTION ''does age really matter when one is choosing a spouse'' come to mind.

Read the full transcript of her rant below:
“Tunde, this afternoon again, you embarrassed me before the wholeWORLD. You’ve been embarrassing me right from the 18th of January. I got about 20 messages today from your Facebook friends, and they were asking me if we are quarrelling that you have removed all my pictures from your wall. Even to the extent that you went to the albums I created for you, and removed all myPHOTOS there, and you left my friends, Tolu and the rest of them. They all told me that it must be that you’re quarrelling with me. Why should you embarrass me this much? What did I do to you? Is it a crime to date you? Why is it that every time we fight, you do drastic things? Hmm, I pity you…I really pity you. Don’t you know that they don’t offend me Yetunde Afolake? I’m always open and straightforward with all the men I date, and if they are dishonest with me, they find it terrible and difficult to climb up in life again. I told my God that he should greatly punish any man that upsets me, and He always does it for me. Just yesterday, Babs (my former husband) and his wife that he is living with now were calling me, begging me to please have mercy on them. His wife begged me to forgive him, but I said there was nothing he did to me that I have forgiven him. After all, I was the one that called him myself and told him that I have forgiven him. Look at all the years…10 good years he has been struggling, and he has been unable to achieve success. And I doubt if he can make it because he has wronged me. I have forgiven him, and I have asked God to restore all his possessions to him. I’m just warning you Tunde Bernard…hmm, I’m not the kind of person you offend. If you still want to bear the name Baba Tee, you better stop being on my matter. You had better beg my creator because I did not offend you; I have never held grudges against you for a whole day. (Breaks down in tears). You are wicked, and you don’t think…you can’t think deeply.”
Credit - E247

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