Sunday 22 November 2015

I Left $5.6 Billion In The NLNG – Diezani Allison Madueke

Cancer-stricken former Minister of Petroleum, Diezani Allison Madueke has replied her critics when told that no one seems to believe that she didn’t steal money while in office.

In an interview with The Boss Newspaper’s Dele Momodu, ailing former Minister of Petroleum Resources made the revelation when told that no one seems to believe that she didn’t steal money while in office.

She said:
“I can’t blame the doubters. They have seen more of the worst of Nigeria that it becomes difficult to trust anyone. But let me disclose something to you today because there is a difference between belief and reality
I did an unusual thing in our last days in government. I’m not sure I should tell you before people say I’m boasting. Ok, I actually left $5.6bn in the NLNG alone. I doubt if such ever happened but no one is talking about it. 
I’m not seeking to be praised but to be acknowledged that I made some little contributions. That money could have been wasted on frivolities but I was determined to keep something for the incoming government once we lost the election.”

On what she would do differently if God should give her another chance, she said:

“The priority now is how to take care of my poor health. I’m battling with a very serious type of cancer. I have tried everything to contain the malevolent spread. 
I have had two surgeries. The first was to take out the lumps from my breast and the second was to cut deeper into the tissues. I’ve gone through Chemotherapy and now I’m starting Radiotherapy. I’m praying this one goes well because I don’t know if there is any thing the doctors can do beyond this.
The steroids were devastating and at a point I slipped into coma on July 28. My sugar level went wild first to 25 and then to 80. The doctors called it a near-miss and I now know what they mean when people say, ‘health is wealth’.”

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