Friday 27 November 2015

Kelly Rowland On Being a Mom; “Empire”; and Being the Sole Provider for Her Husband and Son

Kelly Rowland meets up with Tina Knowles before taking her son shopping in Beverly Hills
Songbird Kelly Rowland Kelly was spotted dropping off her son, Titan Witherspoon, with his babysitter, Tina Knowles, on Tuesday before going shopping at Bristol Farms Grocery store with a friend.
Kelly recently sat down with CBS News to discuss being a mom to 1-year-old son; how she got her role on “Empire”; and being the sole breadwinner in her family.
The 34-year-old beauty said her new song “Dumb” is an ode to intelligent women who are always five steps ahead of their dumb men.
“It’s all about how women make men go dumb. I just think that we are just so smart — it doesn’t matter if you are young or old, I just feel like women are five steps ahead of men. It’s very empowering,” she said.

Kelly Rowland meets up with Tina Knowles before taking her son shopping in Beverly Hills
On being mom to Titan:
“I don’t want to go too far away from him. I’m kind of addicted to my son. But I have to work. I need to be able to pay for him! So, I have to get to work. The past two weeks for me, I actually wrote on my mirror ‘Superwoman.’ And I said, ‘He wouldn’t put anything on you that you couldn’t bear.’ And my son came at the most beautiful time in my life and I just have to learn like every other mom how to balance because I’m still grasping that concept. It’s a very hard concept. Nobody told me that!”
On meeting Lee Daniels and being offered a role on Empire:
“I actually got a chance to see Lee at Soul Cycle. We’re sitting across from each other and the next thing I knew he was like, ‘I know who you are! I know who are you!’ I looked at him and said, ‘What are you talking about?’ And literally the next day the ‘Empire’ team called and the next week I was on a plane to Chicago to do the role of Leah, which has been amazing.”
On her “Empire” character, Leah Walker:
“I play Lucious’ mom [in flashbacks] who actually suffered from bipolar disease and the thing she and I have in common is that we just genuinely love our children. We want to be great mothers … How deep her [love] goes for Lucious just takes her breath away and just playing for this role for me was so much fun. I respected the show and Lee and the characters so much, I really just dove right in and stayed in the moment. I didn’t want to record around that time, I just wanted to focus on the role.”
On whether she’ll appear in season 3:
“It hasn’t been approached yet. I love the project that he’s working on and we did say we wanted to work together again. So we will see what happens!”

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