Tuesday 8 December 2015

Angry Pregnant Wife Catches Husband With Another Woman, See What She Did to Him (Photos+Video)

A footage has shown a pregnant woman doing the unthinkable to her husband after she caught him having lunch with his mistress.
The angry woman is seen hurling stones at her husband's car
The footage allegedly shows the moment an angry wife unleashed vengeance on her husband's car after finding him out on lunch with his mistress.

A Daily Mail Online report shows that the unnamed woman did the havoc in Ceilandia, Brazil. She was caught on camera wreaking havoc on her unsuspecting spouse's vehicle last Saturday.

According to local news reports, the pregnant woman burst into a rage after finding out that her husband, also unnamed, was in a nearby restaurant with his lover.

Footage recorded by a bystander shows her stomping on the roof of the car, which has already been thoroughly battered by the time the camera started rolling.

Huge dents in the roof are soon added to the already-smashed windscreen in the flurry of blows rained down by the woman.
After smashing the roof so thoroughly that she sets the car's alarm off, the woman runs into the road behind the parking space and grabs a rock.

After putting it through the back window, the woman proceeds to the car and smashes away more chunks of shattered glass with her hands.

Despite being urged by passersby to stop her rampage in case she hurts herself, she continues undeterred, and despite the destruction she wrecked, police were reportedly not called to the incident.
Watch the video below:

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