Friday 11 December 2015

You May Have To Reapply For Your Own Home Every Two To Five Years - Full Guide To Tories' New CrackDown Of Banning Council Houses For Life

According to the Mirror Anger is growing at millionaire David Cameron for stripping poor council tenants of their right to a home for life .

The Prime Minister quietly drew up plans to end lifelong tenancies for council tenants - forcing them to reapply for their own home every two to five years.

But what will this mean for you, how many people are affected - and why are so many people furious?

The move has been blasted by housing associations, charities and Labour's shadow housing minister John Healey.

They say the policy was drawn up under Margaret Thatcher and ending it won't just scare tenants - it will stop councils doing what's best for them.

Here's a quick guide to to move and who it will affect.

Since 1980 it's been normal for councils to offer secure tenancies to people renting from them. Some last for life, and others last for a fixed time.
These are the safest types of letting agreements. They mean a council tenant won't have to worry about being evicted unless they're badly behaved.
This is crucial for pensioners and people with health problems, but critics complain it can lead to people staying in council homes for years as they become less needy.

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