Friday 22 April 2016

Cult Group Murders 14-Year-Old Boy For Refusing To Join Them in Akwa Ibom State

"A week ago today, my sister-in-law's nephew, Utibeabasi Imohowo Sampson, was murdered by 7 children ages 14 to 16 at Pinnacle hotels, Edet Akpan Avenue Uyo, Akwa Ibom State.The murderers, including a girl, all dressed in black, had lured the 14-year-old boy to the hotel under the pretext of a get together, only for him to be left dead in the pool.The heartless murderers who are students of Monef Secondary School, Uyo, and children of influential people in the state, were about leaving the hotel without their victim when the gate man who noticed they were 8 when they came in, accosted them and asked them of the eighth person.
The heartless demons mentioned casually that he may still be in the pool and laughed. Even if this boy drowned, why didn't they raise alarm and seek for help? Where were the staff?The life guard said he went to ease himself, for how long? The police, as usual, are trying to cut corners.When the case was transferred to the state police headquarters, the parents transported the children in their private cars instead of police vans.
The hotel is still open for business instead of being cordoned off and sealed for investigation. In saner climes the hotel management and staff would be investigated, but they are still going about their normal business.
The Nigerian police force is trying to play games with the boy's family.
Why didn't the hotel staff chase away 7 underage children dressed in all black? A boy that drowned did not swallow water but had blood and foam spewing from his mouth; there was no alarm raised by his purported friends, the hotel staff claimed not to have heard or seen anything.
I want the whole world to hear of the mysterious death of this bright, promising boy whose life was cut short because he refused to be initiated to a cult by 7 heartless, spawns of the devil.
Their parents are fighting tooth and nail to make sure their children are freed while Utibeabasi is lying cold in the morgue, his family in tears. His mother is inconsolable. The whole circumstances smirks of foul play. May Jehovah, the almighty God, the all seeing, fight for us.
Rise up in your anger, O Jehovah, Stand up against the fury of our enemies; Awake for us and demand that justice is done."

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