Friday, 6 May 2016

Conjoined Twin Girls Who Share A Skull But Not A Brain, Await Operation In Indonesia

Twin girls who were born as triplets but are joined at the head and share a skull may soon be separated in a life-changing operation. Their mother, Siti Nuryaningsih, actually gave birth to triplets but the two girls who have been named Nadira Alifa Putri and Nadiba Aisyah Putri, were conjoined sharing a skull but not a brain while their sister was perfectly fine.

They were born late January & delivered by Caesarean section at the Tanjungpinang Regional General Hospital in Indonesia. Their Parents are now waiting for an operation that will hopefully separate their daughters, allowing them to lead a normal life.

According to their father - Mr Juarnes Prana Dinata, 'The doctors were shocked at birth when they realised it was a triplet and a conjoined twin as well. I am glad that all the babies are healthy but I am really looking forward to their separation. It is really difficult for me and my wife to see them like that.'

The girls have been referred to the Cipto Mangunkusumo Hospital in Jakarta, where doctors have asked their parents to exercise patience until the babies gain weight, in order to perform the operation needed to split them up.

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