Tuesday 16 August 2016

Driver Slams Into Baby Carriage Carrying Twins, It Doesn't Take Long For Officials To Figure Out Why (Photos)

A car accident in Crimea almost turned deadly when a drunk driver crashed into a stroller carrying twin babies on May 30.
The twins survived even though the driver sent them hurtling to the ground.
The children were out on a walk with their mother, who was pushing their stroller through a park when the driver hit them.

He nearly ran over one of the babies yet again when he tried to reverse, even though a baby was behind his car. The mother screamed at him to stop, which he did, reported Inquisitr.
Marina Matveeva, 54, witnessed the crash. “When it hit them,” she said, “the stroller went spinning through the air and one of the babies landed very near to the car’s rear wheel.”
“The driver was about to reverse,” she continued, “but the mother screamed so loudly he stopped. If he hadn’t, he would have surely crushed the baby. She threw her body over theirs to protect them.”
Eyewitnesses contacted emergency services. When police arrived on scene, they discovered the mother crying with her children and the driver still behind the wheel of his car.
Paramedics rushed the children to the hospital.
The driver said he had driven off of the road to avoid an oncoming vehicle. Police later discovered his blood alcohol content was 10 times the legal limit.
He was also driving without a license.
He faces charges of drunk driving as well as endangering the lives of others, reported the Daily Mail.

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