Saturday, 3 December 2016

A Touching Message From A Proud Dad - Richard Mofe Damijo Celebrates 33rd Birthday Of His Son

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Veteran actor, Richard Mode Damijo, wrote a touching a birthday message to his son on gram on his 33rd birthday, revealing some queer details like how he was the Sunday school teacher of his daughter in-law.

He said;
"It's been 33 years already? Wow!
Happy Birthday son, I've been struggling with this all morning, not sure I want to drag you out here and disrespect your privacy but I am just too mighty proud of the man you have become and just have to share you with the world.

I recall how scared I was to let you leave home many years ago fresh out of kings college to Windsor uni in canada, I wanted you in unilag with me at the time for selfish reasons but looking back it was good I let you go.

Image result for RMD Celebrates 33rd Birthday Of His Son You've NEVER caused me grief or worries. I am so grateful to God at how well grounded you are. I am amazed at your deep love for God and devotion to your family. I could not be prouder of the choice in Eniola as your wife, she was one of my favourite little girls when I taught the Sunday School class and I'm elated to have her as my daughter in-law.

I know all children don't always turn out right but I am extremely grateful you both did and I couldn't have been better rewarded. 

Thank you Kome Mofe-Damijo for making me a very proud dad and granddad and I pray that your children would give you peace and make you prouder than you have made me.
Happy birthday son, I love you more than you'll ever know.
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