Tuesday, 20 December 2016

Graphic Video: How LASTMA Official Was Stoned To Death By Okada Riders In Apapa Lagos

Tajudeen Olatunji Bakare, an officer of the Lagos State Traffic Management Authority (LASTMA), Apapa, was beaten to death by okada riders and touts on Thursday, 15th December, 2016. A graphic video of the gruesome murder has now surfaced online. The late officer can be seen lying helplessly inside a gutter, as an irrate mob stoned him to death.

The Lagos State Government has condemned the mob action, promising to bring the perpetrators to book. The Government also denied involvement of LASTMA in an incident which led to the death of a motor boy attached to a Tanker in Apapa (an incident which triggered the mob action).

Addressing the press, the Lagos state’s acting Commissioner for Transportation, Prince Anofiu Elegushi said the victim was killed while performing his lawful duties of making Apapa safe for motorists and commuters, and alleged that the mob action was carried out by Tanker Drivers, Okada Riders and other persons who live around them,.

Elegushi, who addressed the briefing alongside the Chief Executive Officer of LASTMA, Mr. Chris Olakpe and the General Manager of the Agency, Bashir Braimoh, said the officer was killed for an incident he knew absolutely nothing about.

“Officer Bakare did not lose his life to an accident. No. His life was taken by persons whose only response to an incident is to resort to jungle justice, even when they were not sure of the play of event. Our officer was murdered by blood thirsty hounds who parade themselves as purveyors of transportation,” Elegushi said.

Watch the video below...

A Yoruba proverb says: 'The death that is killing one's acquaintances is signalling to one proverbially (ikú t'ópa ojúgbà ęni òwe lóún pa fún ni).'.. This is not just about a LASTMA official, this is about the growing restlessness and the outrageous desire for vengeance and blood like that of vampires among many a Nigerian, mostly the young ones. If nothing is expressly done, then we will all, in Abubakar Gimba's words, be witnesses to tears.

It should be noted that any jungle justice scenario that lasts for more than 10 to 15 minutes without any police attention or appearance should be blamed on the Police institution.
It is equally worrisome that a state like Lagos where the indefatigable state Governor and the people at large through their trust funds ensure the adequate provision of equipments, gadgets and other security paraphernalia is suffering from inhumane Justice - Jungle Justice.! The police seem to have decided to allow the Status Quo without making frantic efforts at ensuring things are under control.

Apart from that, an assault on any public servant lawfully carrying out his or her duty is a big slap on the authorities. The entire Government apparatus and machinery, especially the Governor has just been ridiculed and a big slap given to LASTMA as an institution with the murder of Innocent and humble Surajudeen who was stoned to death (broad day light 15th of December). He equalled the rank of the District Police Officer (DPO) in the LASTMA hierarchy. One of the brightest officials, he was an epitome of humility and commitment. He was always ready to serve with zealous passion. Ironically, he had saved many offenders through his diplomatic clout. This was the gem we lost to jungle justice. It behooves the government to rise to this challenge and show the perpetrators that they are not bigger than the State. The recorded video showed the face of the perpetrators (Okada riders and tanker drivers) along Liverpool axis at Apapa.

I shall not speak of the external forces that were not alive to their duties and sidestep the internal ones. The LASTMA personnel that took cover or ran away without calling for reinforcement are equally guilty. That was a clear case of irresponsibility and a betrayal of espirit de corps. They should be grilled. The final note is that this happened where Naval Headquarters is not far from and OP MESA also operates in the axis. This is a clear signal that security in our society lies in a danger zone. The men of atrocious intentions have sent and keep sending messages that they are not scared. Security officials have been pushed on the chest. We wait to see them prepare, fight and eventually win the battle to restore sanity.

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