Thursday 23 February 2017

Off Duty Cop Pulls Gun And Shoots At UNARMED 13-Year-Old Child [Photo+Video]

Yesterday in Anaheim CA, an off-duty cop in plain clothes attacked and fired his gun at a 13 year old boy. “The children were walking home from school. One of the girls steps on the man’s lawn. He insults her. One of the boys objects to the verbal disrespect. This off duty cop then physically assaults him and when the children gather the courage to defend their friend, he takes out a gun and shoots it.

Police officers arrived and handcuffed this CHILD who was doing the right thing instead of this abuser. Time to get organized folks, there is no time to waste! We now have to defend ourselves from state-sponsored violence and vigilante violence. What’s next? Lynch Mobs?”
Original report: Man claiming to be police officer grabs young Chicano kid violently and eventually pulls gun out and shoots at kids. This is the same Wild West Rangers mentality that these people still hold and feel more emboldened to act on it now.
They feel they must subdue the Native! They feel they must subdue the Mexicans!
This happened in Anaheim, California. 2/21/17
Watch the video below…

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