Thursday 23 February 2017

Photos: Drug Peddlers Are Using Quran To Smuggle Drugs

Image result for Peddlers are using Quran to smuggle drugs
Drug peddlers around the world are coming up with innovative methods for smuggling with each passing day. The case of Saudi Arabia is no different. As Saudi authorities remain vigilant to eradicate drug peddling, smugglers are adopting new methods to carry drugs into the country.

Drug peddlers are now using condoms for smuggling. Despite the huge risk of package splitting, smugglers do not hesitate to swallow bundles of drugs wrapped in condoms.

According to Al Arabiya, the smugglers previously used sheep's intestines, tangerines, tomatoes, peanut kernels, auto parts, gas cylinders, lamps and books for smuggling. Pictures shared by the website also show drugs hidden in a Quran.

One of the most common substance smuggled includes Captagon tablets. The drug acts as a mental and physical stimulant and is known to be used by Daesh to keep them awake during gun fights.

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