Tuesday 7 March 2017

Apostle Johnson Suleman: Setting The Record Straight


Read the press release below by the Omega Fire Ministry;
Over the last couple of days, the media has been awash with one of the most frivolous, creepy and outlandish blackmail efforts, targeting the good name of Apostle Johnson Suleman. It is not surprising that this recent intimidation attempt is coming weeks after the DSS brouhaha.
It is however very important that we educate the public regarding certain very important facts:
To start with, Apostle Johnson Suleman has never had any face-to-face contact with the said lady. The stories she is selling to public exists only in her thoughts and in the imaginations of her paymasters.

The said lady reached out to the Apostle and appealed for help to quit her prostituting lifestyle, and the Apostle provided help to her, with the knowledge and express permission of his wife, Dr. Lizzy Suleman. There was nothing exceptional about her case, as Apostle Johnson Suleman and his wife are well-known for their good heart in helping the needy by the grace of God. While help was being rendered to the said lady, she never had the privilege of having a face-to-face physical contact directly with the Apostle.
Over a month ago, the said lady and her boyfriend tried reaching out to the Apostle with threat to blackmail him, and the Apostle encouraged them to go ahead. The Apostle reported the situation to security agencies who have been on the trail of the lady and finally got her questioned and arrested. The sting operation that got the said lady and her boyfriend arrested was planned and executed by the law enforcement officers, and not by Apostle Johnson Suleman or his team.
It is evident to all and sundry that this blackmail effort is politically engineered at humiliating the Apostle and muzzling him from speaking for the Christian community. This obviously is the next plan on their evil scheme. It will fail colossally.
As part of their strategy, they believe when you blackmail a respected man of God with issues relating to immorality, his supporters will dissert him, and then it will become easier for the attackers to launch the next phase of their plans against the body of Christ and her leaders. But, we wish to let them know, we stand more united than ever, and no attempt to blackmail or intimidate Apostle Johnson Suleman or any leader of the Christian community will yield any positive result for them. This recent attempt will fail like others.
It is not surprising that the principal media platform being used for this mindless blackmail effort is ‘Sahara Reporters’, an online media platform reputed for blackmail, intimidation and malicious propaganda stories. It is no news that Sahara Reporters has no credibility within Nigeria and beyond, and no responsible individual or media house takes seriously any information originating from their platform. The publisher of the jest called ‘Sahara Reporters’ was only recently publicly disgraced and arrested by the Criminal Investigation Department in Lagos – Nigeria, and subsequently dragged to court for allegations bothering on blackmail, criminal defamation and threat to life by one Lekan Fatodu.
Interestingly, the co-blackmailer that was equally crafted for this poorly strategized job is the legendary blackmailer and failed legal practitioner, Mr. Festus Keyamo. This is a lawyer who has no credibility, authority or reliability in the community of lawyers in Nigeria. Nothing associated with him is ever taken with importance. Little wonder the government of Nigeria has continually overlooked him as others (including his juniors) are honored as members of SAN (Senior Advocate of Nigeria). Obviously, giving such honour to him will be tantamount to legalizing a felonious and morally bankrupt personality.
This much explains the morally bankrupt character of some of the individuals fronting with this blackmail tale.
We wish to reassure the public that this demonic and callous attempt at ridiculing and blackmailing Apostle Johnson Suleman will fail just like others. Let’s not be distracted by Photoshop images being circulated by these blackmailers and their paymasters.
The sponsors of this disdainful and sardonic act have an agenda; to discredit Apostle Johnson Suleman, so he won’t have a voice to speak for and on behalf of the body of Christ like he has always fearlessly done, and they also seek to cause division and confusion within the body of Christ. They believe that when you strike the shepherd, the sheep will scatter. However, let it be known to them that we are smarter, wiser and stronger than they imagine.
Our confidence remains on God’s word in Psalms 27:1-3: “The lord is my light and my salvation; whom shall I fear? The Lord is the strength of my life; of whom shall I be afraid? When the enemies, even mine enemies and my foes came upon me to eat up my flesh, they stumbled and fell. Though a host should encamp against me, my heart shall not fear, though war should arise against me, in this will I be confident.”
Let’s continue praying for Apostle Johnson Suleman. Let’s continue praying for the Church. Indeed, we are winning!
Thank you.
Dr. Sule Emmanuel
Director of Media and Foreign Missions,
Omega Fire Ministry Int’l.

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