Wednesday 8 March 2017

British Court Upholds Removal Of Celestial Church Shepherd Olumide Lawson

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According to an exclusive report by Trumpet Media Group, the High Court in London resolving a dispute between Trustees of Celestial Church of Christ (CCC) Edward Street Parish London and its sacked Shepherd-in-Charge and Pastor’s Representative – Prophet Dennis Olumide Lawson, has upheld the latter’s removal

The Church Trustees dragged Lawson to court to seek (in summary) orders:
(1) restraining the defendant (Prophet Lawson) from passing off his activities, or those of his congregation which are not those of the claimants (Trustees of  CCC Edward Street) or their congregation, as the activities of the claimants by the use of the words "Edward Street Parish."

(2) an injunction restraining Prophet Lawson from entering or using the claimants' church building at Edward Street, London SE14.
(3) declarations that from March 2014, Prophet Lawson has ceased to be a trustee, member or employee of the Parish, and

(4) if Lawson still remains a trustee of the Parish, an order removing him from that position.
On the other hand, Lawson in his amended defence and counter claim, had insisted that he remains the Shepherd-in-Charge of the Parish and, as such, that he is one of the persons "having the general control and management of the administration of" the Parish within the meaning of section 177 of the Charities Act 2011 together with damages to be assessed in respect of the Parish's failure to pay his stipend following the purported termination of his appointment.

Based on a number of inconsistencies in Lawson's testimony in court, Judge Hodge stated that: "I find that I cannot treat the defendant (Lawson) as a witness of truth or as a reliable and credible witness. In cross-examination, I found him to be a combative witness who was reluctant to answer questions; and I am satisfied that he was not being honest with the court. At one point on the afternoon of the final day of his evidence I observed the defendant laughing and smiling when denying the proposition that he was lying when asserting that he was happy to work with the members of the church who disagreed with him and had never sought to intimidate them."

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