Friday 7 April 2017

Pictured: Teacher Kills His 83-Year-Old Uncle Over Piece Of Land

A Mathematics teacher with Ukpata Community Secondary School in Uzouwani Local Government Area of Enugu State, has reportedly killed his 83 year old uncle over ownership of a piece of land.

Officers of the state police command have arrested the father of two, Daniel Ekemezie, after committing the crime.

In a  statement released by the command, Daniel, left his home in Ukpata Community on March 4 to attack his Uncle.

After waking the old man up from his sleep, Daniel tied him up by the mouth and quietly took him to Iyimkpafu/Ofiakputu forest at Ukpata, where he tied him to a tree and left.

He remained tied up to the tree untill March 8, 2017 when, according to him, the old man was found dead.

He further disclosed that on noticing that the victim had died, he hurriedly buried him in a shallow grave and left.

However, officers of the Anti Kidnapping Unit, based on an intelligence report,  arrested the suspect who disclosed what allegedly transpired between him and his late uncle.

He disclosed that he carried out the heinous crime as a result of the land dispute between himself and the uncle.

He, however, blamed the devil for what transpired.

He said, “I want to tell people to distance themselves from any issue of dragging of lands because it can lead to loss of lives and properties. I want the son of late Pa Patrick odoh to forgive me and even take the land. I am ready to leave the land for them. I am regretting my action now.I recently lost my wife and I am left alone with my two kids.God please help me.

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