Friday, 7 April 2017

Swiss Police Allegedly Arrest Nigerian Man for ‘Conning 14 Women into Marriage’

A Nigerian lawyer Kingsley Ughe has shared the story of a Switzerland-based Nigerian who was reportedly arrested in a bizarre case of polygamy, after authorities learned he had conned 14 women into marriage.

According to the legal practitioner, Christopher A. J Benard (real name Christopher Ehifoj) was arrested after his Swiss wife Tanja discovered the various women in his life who are all based in Nigeria.

Christopher, said to be unemployed, reportedly lives with his Swiss wife Tanja, who is a nurse in Pratteln, Switzerland, with their four children aged between 18 and 14 years. Christopher allegedly always visits Nigeria every year without his family on the guise that he is seeking out business investments. However, unconfirmed reports revealed that he engages in relationships with different women during the course of these visits. And in a space of 10 years, has allegedly married about 12 women in elaborate ceremonies. He is said to have kept the women in his family house in Uromi.

The legal-practitioner Kingsley Ughe added that many of those women Christopher married got into scuffles with Christopher’s family in Uromi who depend on him for financial assistance, and in many occasions, the said family members chose to throw the women out.
Trouble started when one of the women Christopher married published her wedding photos on Facebook, and the other women hopped on the post to claim the man. And at the time of his arrest, 14 women had reportedly stepped up to claim him as their husband.

The Swiss wife learned of this scandal and with the help of a firm called JLAA, whisked Christopher to Switzerland. Upon arrival, he was arrested by the appropriate authorities.
Speaking on his Facebook, here’s what the legal practitioner Ughe said:
“Tanja got wind of all these development and promptly contacted JLAA and through JLAA’s help got Christopher to run out of Nigeria. He resurfaced in Switzerland and was promptly arrested and locked up for various offences bothering on advance fee fraud, bigamy and criminal deceit.

Back here , JLAA is busy compiling records and names of victims. There are some of the ladies with whom he contracted marriages under the Marriage Act, laws of the federation of Nigeria. That has its own implications too.

A law suit awaits him when the Swiss authority are done with him and he is deportee to Nigeria. His last wife has taken possession of his car and some house hold properties he left in Nigeria here in a house they both lived as husband and wife. To our chagrin, Christopher family are coming forward to threaten the poor girl that she must surrender the car and house hold items otherwise they would go place a “curse on her”.
JLAA has taken steps to protect the lady involved. Petition has been written to IG office and law suit has been filed. The other unlucky ” wives” must move on and be happy that this criminal will face the law at the end of the day.”

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