Wednesday 26 July 2017

Veteran Actress, Kudirat Odukanmi ‘Iyabo Oko’ Down With Strange Illness - How She was Taken To UK & India For Treatment

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According to recent reports, Veteran Yoruba actress, Kudirat Odukanmi ’Iyabo Oko’ is down with strange sickness although insiders reveals, she is suffering from diabetes like illness.
The thespian who hasn’t featured in recent movies reportedly left the shores of  Nigeria few weeks after she fell ill to cater to her health in the United Kingdom.
At that point we couldn’t really give details about the cause of her illness. 

Oko was down with a strange ailment that almost claimed her life sometimes in June 2016 and she was hospitalized for about 2 months at a hospital in Yaba Area of Lagos without any improvement and doctors could not diagnosed the cause of her illness.
Without wasting time, she was rushed to a hospital in the UK for best treatments and the doctors detected that she is suffering from an ailment called C.A.
Iyabo Oko spent almost 3 months at the UK hospital before her eldest son took her to India for relaxation and more treatments.
We shall give you more detailed updates about her illness soon.

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