Friday 28 July 2017

VIDEO:Pregnant Woman & Her Children Crushed To Death In Owerri Due To Illegal Road Block By The Police

According to reliable source:
"Due to Nigerian Police Force Officers extortion at Owerri road, woman and children crushed to death by trailer, Dangote depot/warehouse on fire.

Police unit attached to a Dangote Depot has decided to work extra hours by blocking a good portion of the Onitsha/Owerri express road. 
While claiming to control traffic, they extended their "charity" duty by doing "usual usual". collecting N50 from keke and motorists.

A 911 Heavy duty tipper that lost it's brake, only wanted follow the free way since "police is your friend" block half of the road hit this innocent pregnant woman who were coming back from hospital, a keke and its passengers.

Riot of course followed immediately,
the angry mob and some opportunists started destroying properties,
Houses on fire,
I saw over 5 generators been moved,
Car engine stolen,
Hilux got burnt,
People started robbing people,

One of the policemen were caught, after an attempt to gun down an "odesi" guy who corrected his gun and disappear. He was beaten to "odi ndu, okwu ka mma" but not killed.
Few moments later, the SARS intervened"

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