Thursday 3 August 2017

Village Chief Exumes Man's Coffin For Disobeying Community Rules While Alive

A village chief has shocked members of his community in a bid to instill discipline as he ordered that the coffin of a man identified as Kofi Emmanuel, to be exhumed.

According to report, the shocking incident which happened in Ghana was as a result of Kofi Emmanuel’s disobedience to the laws of the community before his death.

The Village Chief of Assin Dansame township in Ghana, Nana Twum Barima V was reported to have ordered the coffin of the offender to be exhumed from the cemetery on Monday 26th June, a day after his burial.

The chief while stating the reason for the decision noted that the deceased flouted community’s rule by abstaining from communal labour when he was alive.

The Chief further argued that since the deceased refused to obey the laws of the land while alive, he does not deserve to be buried on the same soil.

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