Monday 4 September 2017

Why This Bride’s Wedding Gown Is Trending For The Wrong Reasons (Photo)

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This beautiful bride looked just stunning in her wedding gown! But she’s trending online for the wrong reasons.

She put her cleavage on display and many have criticized her for bearing. Your thoughts?
Nikky Ifeyinwa Crystal

She’s got some lovely jugs on her. Well endowed no doubt. Why has she decided to put her “twin girls “and cleavage on display and trend for the wrong reasons on her big news days? If she had worn a nude bodycon camisole almost her skin colour , it would’ve been better.

Emeka Obichukwu
She look so gorgeous on the dress.. Some ladies are just jealous of her dress… There is nothing wrong with her showing her cleavage…. And thunder go fire anybody criticizing her

Hafiat Enesi
That’s life of a Christian, nakedness is development to them. What kind of pastor that will wed this couple ? Your body belong to your husband not public

Elkay Mousa
Ms, that’s absolutely unfair…you don’t have to bring religion into this equation. Blame the individual, not the religion he or she belongs to.

Annastacia Daniels
Lolx just imagine so u think simply because u wear hijab it makes u holy grow up girl nd stop making problems among Muslims nd Christians .

Lizzy Ojochide Ibrahim
U come here and tell us about nakedness when u probably have a bf? My sister talk about her dress and don’t start a religious battle on social media use ur remaining sense and say what u want about the dress and leave Christianity out of this….

Nkiru Mary September
Hahahaha!! See who holy pass, if I hear leave all this Muslims despite their hijab na them fuck pass, if you meet them in any bending corner dey go just carry their long cloth up for you sharp sharp. Kadunna, Kano and gwari girls

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