Sunday 12 November 2017


A 22-year old man, Peter, and his accomplice, Istafanus Yerima, 22, have been arrested by the police in Abuja, for allegedly stabbing Peter’s aunt, Salome Idoko, 35, in the sitting room of her residence close to Berger Bridge Quarry Gate, Mpape, Abuja. .

.The FCT Commissioner of Police, Mr. Abubakar Bello, told Sunday Sun that the ugly incident happened around 1:35pm on September 28, when Peter, a nephew of the deceased and his friend, Istifanus, went to the home of the aunt to threaten her and demand N30,000 from her to pay his rent.

Bello said that Peter, accompanied by his friend, went to the aunt’s house. She welcomed him and sought to know his reason for visiting. Then asked Peter’s friend to step out of the house, so that she could discuss with the nephew.

Suddenly a hot argument ensued, leading to a fight between Salome and Peter. Yerima was said to have gone into the house to ostensibly separate them. Instead, he stabbed her on the wrist with a knife.

Peter snatched the knife from him and stabbed his aunt again in the back. She fell and began to bleed profusely. The two assailants ignored her and proceeded to remove the plasma television set in the sitting room and also took N500 from her purse.

In a brief chat with Sunday Sun, Peter said: “I am a member of Young Vikings Confraternity. It was Yerima who initiated me into cultism. I am a welder by profession.

I told Yerima, my friend, that I just wanted to threaten my aunt and collect N30,000 from her for my house rent. When I got to my aunt’s house, she was angry with me, asking what was my mission in her house.

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I asked her to give me N30,000 for my house rent. We started arguing and she slapped me. A fight broke out. When Yerima came to separate us, she slapped him too.

.So Yerima brought out a knife and stabbed her on the wrist and I took the knife from Yerima and stabbed her at her back. Yerima took back the knife and stabbed her in the stomach.” .

It was learnt that the duo attended Aso Primary School, where Yerima initiated Peter into the Young Vikings Confraternity.

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