Monday 13 November 2017

Nigeria Is Losing Too Many Soldiers - Clears 13 Boko Haram Hideouts In Sambisa

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Twenty-four soldiers killed last week, another six or seven a fortnight ago. And, oh, about one month, ago 30 soldiers were slaughtered in an ambush and the enemy proceeded to make gory videos of this killing, to be posted on YouTube.
What does all this mean? Simply put, Nigeria is at war! Yet, the Army hierarchy is in denial. Apparently so, because of the photo-shoots, we see of the Chief of Army Staff paying courtesy visits to political appointees in the midst of all the slaughter.
The Nigerian Army needs to develop a coherent battle strategy to deal with the Boko Haram menace.
Deploying assets in Special Forces mode against an entrenched enemy that has acquired a chunk of territory out of Nigeria may not do the trick.
Special Forces deployment would be thoroughly effective against pockets of kidnappers operating in the bushes of Nigeria.
Boko Haram can only be defeated if the military adopts traditional old-school Pattonism by sending division-size force components in a pincer-and-holding pattern against the occupying Boko Haram hordes and wear them out by sheer force of numbers and patience.
Wars involve grit, sacrifices, and valour. In the ideal sense, an Army division should comprise of 100,000 men.The Nigerian Army divisions scattered across the country should be segmented into their specialist brigades, battalions, companies, platoons, and squads and then push with immediate alacrity into the North-East.

Col. Kinsley Samuel, Deputy Director Public Relations 7 Division of the Army, disclosed this in a statement in Maiduguri on Sunday. Samuel said that six soldiers were wounded during the operation while dozens of the insurgents were neutralized by troops. 

“Troops of Operation LAFIYA DOLE in conjunction with the Nigerian Air Force on Operation DEEP PUNCH has within the past one week embarked on clearance operations to dislodge Boko Haram terrorists from their camps,” he said. He added that the troops successfully cleared the terrorists’ hideouts at Talala, Ajigin, Mangzum, Abagajiri, Kafa, Dusula, Buk, Malumti and Abulam among others. 

“Furtherance of the clearance operations, the troops on Friday, 10th November 2017 while acting on credible information that the terrorists were massing up at certain camps in fringes of Sambisa forest, advanced and cleared the insurgents at Shyadawe-Angwan-Fulani, Shyadawe-Angwan-Bula-Musa and Shyadawe. 

“The troops captured two gun trucks, three motorcycles, many bicycles and a laptop containing valuable information. They also located a vandalized and unserviceable tank in one of the camps. “The remains of the deceased soldiers have been evacuated while those injured are receiving medical treatment at a military hospital,” said Samuel.

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