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Meghan Markle, Style Princess: Why Harry's Fiancee is The Most Powerful Woman In Fashion As Designs Sell Out Within Minutes

Meghan Markle: Why Prince Harry's fiancée is now the most powerful woman in fashion
Mere seconds after Meghan Markle steps out of a car, one stiletto-clad foot after the other, she sets in motion an extraordinary chain reaction across the globe. Fashion bloggers frantically identify every garment she's wearing - from her jeans to her jewellery - ringing designers, ateliers and stores from Cardiff to Canada. Once those details are posted online, shops, from exclusive Stella McCartney to Marks & Spencer, are bombarded by shoppers desperate to get Meghan's look.

The outcome is always the same. Every item Meghan is wearing sells out, usually within minutes, sometimes seconds, of her appearance — cheaper copycat items, too. Websites frequently crash under the strain.

Few other style icons wield such incredible power in the fashion world — not even the Duchess of Cambridge. Kate adds an estimated £1 billion to the British fashion industry annually, but in the latest issue of Vogue, editor Edward Enninful says her soon-to-be-sister-in-law could eclipse her: ‘Ms Markle is an astonishing fashion sales force, who is setting the industry alight.’

So what is it about Meghan that makes her wardrobe so covetable and sends clothes flying, quite literally, off the shelves?
After Meghan wore the £310 skirt by Greta Constantine, it sold out in 12 hours
Fashion experts in Toronto, Meghan’s home for the six years between 2011 and 2017 when she was filming legal drama Suits, all use the same expression, ‘effortless chic’, to describe her style.

‘She always looks like she’s not trying,’ says John Muscat, founder of Line The Label, the Canadian brand behind the £750 white wrap coat Meghan wore to mark her engagement to Prince Harry last November.

John, 45, has been dressing Meghan for five years, after being introduced by her best friend and style adviser Jessica Mulroney. He made sure she had a collection of clothes from Line to bring to London when she moved here last year.

This £160 bag by Australian brand Oroton sold out in 45 minutes
This £160 bag by Australian brand Oroton sold out in 45 minutes
He knows only too well the astonishing — and highly lucrative — impact of the Meghan Effect. His wrap coat sold out within 20 minutes of the American actress’s appearance on Harry’s arm at Kensington Palace.
‘It was insane,’ recalls John. ‘The phone was ringing off the hook with international press requests. I did 12 hours straight of TV, phone and email interviews. It was the craziest thing I’ve ever seen.
‘We had 5,000 requests for the coat. It costs £750. That is not something you buy lightly. Requests were flooding in from around the world.’
When Meghan wore this £1000 coat on Christmas day, it sold out in 24 houts
               When Meghan wore this £1000 coat on Christmas day, it sold out in 24 hours

In gratitude to Meghan, who has put his label firmly on the international fashion map, John has renamed the coat — now back in stock — The Meghan

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