Thursday, 10 May 2018

Shocker: Air Passengers Forced To Climb The Wing Of Their Plane As Heavy Smoke Fills Jet (Photos)

Image result for ‘FLIGHT FROM HELL’ Delta plane passengers forced to climb onto WING after smoke fills cabin
PANICKED passengers were forced to scramble over the wings to get of their jet after it filled with smoke.

Flyers branded it the “flight from hell” after the aircraft landed on the tarmac at Denver International Airport

Travellers could be heard yelling “let us out” after Delta flight 1854 touched down in the Mile High City.
Dramatic video captured on the plane shows cabin crew ordered people to remain low in their seats and cover themselves in a blanket before the order is given to "evacuate, evacuate".
Travellers left via emergency slides and over-wing exits as dozens stood on the aircraft's wing.
A fleet of emergency vehicles swarmed the runway.
Denver International Airport said the emergency evacuation happened while the plane was taxiing to the terminal.
This Detroit to Denver flight landed at about 8:10pm with around 146 passengers plus crew members on board.
Pictures on social media showed them standing on the plane's wing during the evacuation.
An airport spokesperson said there may have been minor injuries due to the evacuation on emergency slides. There were reports one person was transported to a hospital.
Passenger Jim McManus told local media smoke began to seep through the cabin vents after the plane grounded in Denver and started taxiing to its arrival gate.
Passengers were pictured out on the wing of the plane after being evacuated by staff
He tweeted it was the "flight from hell" after the plane was reportedly delayed in Detroit for three hours before departing for Denver.
Mr McManus added to Denver 7: “We were grateful that is wasn’t while we were in the air.

“We were kind of sitting there complaining among guy pointed out that it didn’t happen while we were in the air….so once again, it couldn’t have gone any better.”
The Denver Fire Department also said there was a report of smoke in the plane.
Delta Airlines released a statement late Tuesday night: "After arrival in Denver and during taxi to the gate, Delta flight 1854 from Detroit to Denver stopped on a taxiway where customers deplaned via slides and over-wing exits due to an observance of smoke in the cabin.

“Airport response vehicles met the aircraft out of an abundance of caution and customers were transported to the terminal via buses.

“The safety of Delta’s customers and crew is our top priority and we apologise for the concern this situation has caused."
Denver International Airport tweeted: "Earlier tonight, Delta flight 1854 from Detroit landed safely at DEN.
"As it was taxiing, smoke was reported in the cabin so the aircraft was safely evacuated.

"There were no flames. Only minor injuries reported. Airport operations are normal."
Via - The Sun

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