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'Nigerians That Left The Country Are Now Trying To Come Back Home' – Buhari - Nigerians React

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President Muhammadu Buhari on Friday urged Nigerians to shun individualism and sectionalism in the bids to unite the nation.
He gave the advice while receiving residents of the Federal Capital Territory (FCT) led by the Minister of Federal Capital Territory, Mohammed Bello, who paid him a Sallah homage at the Presidential Villa, Abuja.
The President also called for all hands to be on deck in order to salvage the nation.

He said:-

“Please in your constituencies emphasized what I said about 30 years ago, we don’t have another country except for Nigeria.
We may as well remain here and salvage it together, there is nothing else we can do. Even those that had gone out are now trying to come back because they are not wanted out there. I wish all the resources they had been deployed here.
It would have been much better. So thank you very much and please try to persuade your constituencies to work much harder away from individualism and sectionalism.”

Read Nairalanders reaction below:

Yes, he is right.
They are trying to come back home to pick remaining family members...

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It's the reason he gives for the imaginary return that is even more stupid as well as annoying. By saying they are returning because they are not wanted out there, he is reinforcing his earlier statement that Nigerians are criminals hence their rejection by other countries. That's annoying! 

Next, he is exposing his emptiness upstairs because one would think that a president would make such a wild claim and justify it by saying that they're returning because of so and so policies his govt has initiated to improve the country and make it attractive/viable. Instead, he goes on rambling about how it's their only country as if Nigeria has ever sufficiently catered for its resident population. That's stupid! 

It's obvious this fossil is not in touch with reality and just regurgitates whatever crap he's fed. And to think so many brain-dead louts are happy to continue with him..such a shame! Or is it the Libyan returnees he's having verbal diarrhoea over?

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This abokki man is always yarning rubbish.undecided

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You are right Mr. President!...... Nigerians are coming back from Libya...

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Over old people don't get or feel shame anymore. Is the fact. You created the hardship in the first place. 

If you move out of the country and return back you hate the face of Nigeria more than before. 
You will develop evil anger against our leaders. Most of them are too much busy doing nothing.

They are the devil of Nigeria I choose to call them. From 1960 till date, I am yet to see a major shift in our country generally speaking.

The storyline has remained same, no light, roads, healthcare, education, endless killings, tribal and religious feud.etc

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Shut up your mouth, when thousands of people leaving this country daily
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When all he does is to sit down and watch cartoon network,which Nigerians are coming back? Maybe he meant those coming back from Libya sha o o, somebody should tell him there is hunger in the land o o anyway my schengen visa is under processing sha
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