Saturday 14 July 2018

Hot Water Melts Model’s Fake Boobs (Photos)

A model’s fake boobs were melted after she mistakenly spilt hot water on them, leaving her in agony. 29-year-old had to be rushed to the hospital when her skin started to melt just 20 minutes after the painful accident.

The care co-ordinator, from Pulborough, West Sussex who was trying to seal a hot water bottle when she was injured, was left screaming in agony, with her skin starting to blister and bubble. Reliving the accident, the model who had undergone a breast enlargement at age 18, said;
“My fiancé Kyle wasn’t very well and was shivering, so I decided to make him a hot water bottle.
“I put the hot water bottle underneath my arm and squeezed it to let the hot air out and that’s when the boiling water came gushing out.
“Because I was wearing a low-cut top, the water went straight onto my chest.
“After quickly getting out of my clothes I noticed that my skin was starting to melt away on my chest.
“It then took me three weeks to recover, I’m still badly scarred and feel as though my chest will be ruined forever.”
She further disclosed that she had to stay in hospital overnight. Following the accident on the model’s fake boobs, she got treated by doctors for painful burns earlier this year.
Nadine said: “I just still can’t believe that something as simple as closing a hot water bottle has given me potentially a lifetime of scarring – I was just trying to be a good fiancé!”
She said she had spent £5,000 on her 36E fake boobs in 2007. Nadine is now desperately trying to heal her scars before she ties the knot next year.
She said: “The main scarring is around my cleavage and my nipple, but luckily my boobs didn’t melt away completely.
“Hopefully it will all be gone before my big day next year, but also I’m not going to let something like this ruin such a special time for me!”

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