Saturday 14 July 2018

Nigerian Man Sends Wife Packing For Calling Him An Animal In Public

Nigerian man sends wife packing for calling him an animal in public
A Nigerian lady simoly identified as Bella Odaih has called out her husband for reportedly sending her packing from their home because she called him an animal in public.
The lady who advised other women not to live their lives for men, disclosed that she fed, covered, built a house and even paid part of the bills for the man’s daughter’s wedding, only to be sent packing.
Read her story below;

I am sorry everybody, I got saved and alive still. But this are d videos of how he threw my daughter, house help and belongings out. U people should ole share it and make it spread. Never live ur life for any man, not all men are worth suffering for. I fed him, covered him , built his house and even did his daughter’s marriage for him. I sold all of my gold for him. I use cars but I buy them with my money, if ure ever in any group I belong u will know and see how I advocate for ladies to av something they are doing so as to av something going for them.
This is a SUPPOSED lawyer, but I love it at this until later. He’s my husband but I am d man, d breadwinner, those close knows d truth. Paying school fees and scary to me, he pushed me out jz when he realized I had nothing. Long ago I had wanted to leave, quit and become a single mum but family and friends won’t allow such quoting barbarics, but here I am. Pls always follow ur self and ur heart, no one is with u in ur life and ur life struggle, no one can ever speak ur right and truth except u, especially when ure married to a liar and a spoiler as my husband.
There indeed good men which I know of and I am also a witness to but people like my husband have made ladies think and believe all men are bad, NO pls retrace, there are still good and faithful men. Gbenga used me, he doesn’t drop food money but I don’t mind I feed him just to allow peace reign, I av my witnesses, I did kabukabu to feed him 2009 when he came in from UK with 7 month pregnancy and many more, my witnesses lives, I live life like all is well jz to make things roll and to make others believe and av faith
I am not fake, but sometimes I live to give life and hope to others.
We met 2001 in my working office, oloriebi @Muritala Adebayo jokingly joined us as friends. 2004 he came to me that he has problems with his wife and they were divorced, then I lived in my own rented apartment that he was always coming in from abroad to stay in without any help of payment. Even he himself av people he has told about how he married me without me been a demanding girlfriend, 2006 we did introduction, 2007 we got married in d registry at oluyole Ibadan, Witnesses are on ground and waiting for pickup period.
He came in finally from UK 2009 ( his document can never be manipulated, trust UK) with jz 11 thousand naira while I was pregnant with our daughter and has never traveled back till as I write, though a UK citizen, (witnesses alive still and ready to be present). We ate all I had and even started borrowing, then I went into kabukabu (cabby) which he also told to some people with his mouth.
I rest it here. Need capable fighting lawye, pls contact 07032041965
I av all evidence intact!!! SEEKING DIVORCE

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