Monday, 16 July 2018

Kate, 36, And Meghan, 36, Blossoming Friendship

Whispering secrets: Meghan's conspiratorial pose suggests 'shared fun and close exchanges' 
The Duchess of Cambridge and the Duchess of Sussex looked to be getting on famously as they stepped out for their first joint engagement without their husbands on Saturday.

Kate, 36, and Meghan, 36, chatted and giggled as they watched Angelique Kerber defeat Serena Williams in the women's singles finals at Wimbledon. 

Speaking to FEMAIL, author and body language expert Judi James explained the duchesses' body language signaled a strengthening bond and 'genuine' happiness at being in each other's company. 

'Royal newbie' Meghan was seen taking protocol cues from Kate, but also helped the Duchess of Cambridge relax with her 'naughty' smile and sense of humour. 

Ms James said: 'The amount of spontaneous mirroring plus the very congruent expressions of happiness and excitement on their faces signaled a growing friendship between the two women.'

In the almost 20 years since William and Kate have been together, she has never once given an interview about the relationship. Meghan was front page of Vanitt Fair talking about Harry almost immediately. I feel like that sums them both up pretty well and it would be interesting to know how well they actually get along without the cameras when they have the option not to spend time together. 

They just seem so, so different. One only has celebrity friends, the other has had the same friends for years. One doesn¿t acknowledge the cameras at all and the other one always seems to know exactly where they are. That much be an interesting dynamic behind the scenes.
Genuine smile: Kate's 'crinkled' eyes and 'apple' cheeks showed she really was having fun

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