Wednesday 22 August 2018

Lady Busts Taxify Driver Who Tricks Passengers Into Paying More

A lady in Abuja has busted a Taxify Driver who specialises in tricking his passengers to pay more after their trips.

According to the lady, what the Taxi Driver does is to show the passenger a screenshot of a previously saved trip, which definitely will cost more than the current trip and she was certain a lot of people must have fallen for the trick.

She wrote:

“I requested for Taxify this yesterday morning (21st ), from galadimawa to Karimo in Abuja. I got into the cab, the driver started the trip and we set out.

On getting to our destination. I noticed this guy became very uncomfortable as he kept on operating his phone while driving. I snooped successfully and noticed he closed the taxify app, went to the home page, gallery then he scrolled through some pictures in a folder.

They were actually screenshots of past trips fare summary. I was shocked.
He opened one of the pictures it was N2,400. He then locked his phone with the side button. .

His plan was to unlock the phone and voila my trip is N2,400. Trip ended in a few seconds. I smartly told him to enter a gas station, so if he denies what I just saw him do when confronted, I will show him small madness.

He quietly parked, I told him to end the trip, he put his phone down after a few seconds he tells me it’s #2,400. I requested for his phone, giving him the excuse that my phone was bad. Dude was shocked.

He succumbed, I collected the phone, flipped the page on his screen and saw other taxify trip summaries. I confronted him, he immediately collected his phone, went to the taxify App, ended my trip and it was 1,100.

I gave him #1,500 but he didn’t have 400. So he gave me back my #500. I left his car with a leap of joy. Imagine early morning scam. I don’t know how long this has been going on for, but it’s totally wrong.

I’ve had quite a number of irregularities with trip summaries on Taxify. I have been oblivious of the schemes of these drivers, but I thank God for this encounter that has exposed them.

Please help spread the word. We usually trust the drivers so much that we forget to check our fare summary after every trip on our phones. Stay woke guys.”

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