Tuesday 23 October 2018

Nigerian Lady Heartbroken After CCTV Reveals Her Housemaid Having S3x And Maltreating Her Baby

Nigerian lady heartbroken after CCTV reveals her housemaid having sex and maltreating her baby

A heartbroken Nigerian woman, Didi Horsfall, has taken to social media to narrate her dilemma after the home CCTV caught her housemaid having s3x with her boyfriend and also maltreating her baby.
According to the lady, the maid not only maltreated the son but was fond of dropping the baby with the security guards while engaging in s3xual activities with her boyfriend.
Read her story:
The story of my life again….
My son nanny almost killed my boy slowly
I would have posted the video the camera caught her but because my son is involved
I wish I can show you how she maltreating my boy.
Staving him of food, and eating my son’s food
The weight my boy has is from birth because if its food I spend 26k making sure he eat well.
Not knowing d crazy girl eats my son food and stave this little boy  just 7 months old
My heart was broken into pieces after watching a  video, seeing my son been maltreated in such manner
Have never been bad to her, those that know me knows me pretty well, have never ever been rude or bad
The love i have for my boy, i transfer it to her ,i care for her like my own daughter but yet
My people no matter how kind u r person were wan do u go still do u.
She kicked my boy while he was trying 2 crawl, leaving d boy 2 cry helplessly ,d little man just needed a cuddle 2 put him 2 sleep
In d video she was slapping my son, hitting him.
I couldn't believe my eyes
I have learnt my lesson, weda am going 2 work, school or whatever  i can never ever leave my boy 2 anyone
except for my sis Deborah Essien outside her, i said no 1 else.
Watching d bully depressed me for 3days now I can't get over it.
I need a psychologist please help me before i kill someone or hurt myself.
How can someone beds wicked
Hitting my son, staving him of his food I spend my hard earn money 2 buy for him, my boy was dying slowly
Having s3x with her before in my house when m away n giving my security my son to carry while she was busy holding prick.
If d is anything I love so much in this world is my son n my shuga.
I feel so hurt right now.
I provide everything for her pls just hold my boy for me she bullies him kick him, stave him, slap him, hit him
No human sympathy.
Pray for my boy pls.
E effect is 2 much on him
except hv been bad 2 her, have to stave her food if not heaven will stave her
D will maltreat her children, d will b useless
If m ever bad or rude 2 her, she will be free bt if am not
God will judge her.
I wud hv taken her 2 police station
But let God deal wt her
I provide everything for her
i was even abt to increase her salary by 50percent not knowing my boy is in pains.
His body us shaking bc of lack of food
Let God b d judge n she will never go unpunished except am bad 2 her
except i bully her d way she bully my son.
A boy of 7months is total wickedness.
Thanks to pastor Chris Nwala n my colleague n friends fr d care love and support d gave 2 my son.
I appreciate u all
God bless u

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