Sunday 28 April 2019

Bobrisky Gave Us A FAKE Cheque, Alfa Swears

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An Alfa in the know has come out to say the cheque that Bobrisky gave them at Liz Anjorin’s special day -- when she was bestowed with a chieftaincy title is FAKE.

Alfa Hammed Ademola popularly known as Imama Paris granted an interview where he revealed this and also said he wants the world to know the truth because the news has gone viral. Alfa Hammed says, if the world thinks he is lying, then they should ask Bobrisky to come out and defend himself.

He also criticized Bob, saying Bob sleeps with men. The most frightening thing he however said was that in another 6 years Bobrisky will be unrecognizable. He says Nigerians can write that down. Watch the video below…

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