Thursday 16 May 2019

Kemi Olunloyo Replies Iyabo Ojo After She Denied Imprisoning Her

Kemi Olunloyo has fired back at Iyabo Ojo, who denied imprisoning her in a video she shared in response to her post of 
'your tears just began'. 

Recall we reported that Iyabo Ojo in the video recounted how far she has come and how her husband told her he didn't love her on their wedding night. She, however, disclosed that after she welcomed her kids in unfavourable conditions, things have turned around for her. However reacting to the video, Kemi Olunloyo who stated that the actress' tears have just begun, further claimed that her daughter is a 'runs girl in training'.

However, Iyabo Ojo who reacted to the post in which Kemi Olunloyo stated that her tears had just begun, said those were tears of joy as all she faced was in the past. She further revealed that she chooses to ignore the journalist before now until roped in her daughter into their banter. Firing back at Iyabo Ojo in the comment section of the video she shared today, Kemi Olunloyo wrote in parts; 

"Iyabo Ojo, the young lady you are making your situation WORSE. The letter that was sent from your phone sending me to prison will finally be released Saturday morning. I only post on weekends now. It was saved for my book. Only Pastor Ibiyeomie, myself, Vivian, NPF and Minister Douglas and the Toronto police officer who tracked it to your phone have copied
 a year after Idris botched the case. You DEFAMED me, you ruined my name, my business, my career. Silence is never the best answer for a fool. You must reply to them. I'm one of the most transparent and honest human beings in the world. I DON'T LIE! I will highly suggest you keep your mouth sealed to protect your legal rights. Your world is about to go down if you see what was sent from your phone to a Journalist in an attempt to defame a pastor and ruin your reputation. Nollywood figures are calling me. I've told @authenticmuy to call you to order. It is WORSE than you think. Your child was called a runs girl, you were called a prostitute runner disguising as an NGO, there were all sorts of things in that letter and all I did was begin investigating the car by posting page 1 of that 8-page letter LOOKING for witnesses to prove that Ibiyeomie allegedly gave you a car. He does not know you, never met you. Who sent it to me? Vivian said she got the car from Apostle Suleiman and even returned it because you fought her for it as you felt she was trying to "snatch him from you"."

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