Sunday 12 May 2019

PDP Abandoned Secretariat

In 2008, the former PDP chairman Ahmadu Ali suggested a new Headquarters should be constructed for their party, PDP. The idea was welcomed by all party members.

A 12 story building was agreed upon. The former Vice President who at the time was the Governor of Kaduna State, Architect Namadi Sambo, designed the structure of the proposed new secretariat. 

The contract was awarded to BNL construction firm for N10billion with a delivery date of two and half years. First quarter of that year, Ahmadu Ali was kicked out of office. 

Then came a new PDP Nat. Chairman, Vincent Ogbulafor, who keyed into the idea of the new Secretariat by his predecessor. He quickly rallied round party members on how to raise funds. 

By November 14, 2008, Ogbulafor organized a fundraising dinner for the N10billion needed to execute the project. On that night, N6billion was generated cash down. ��

Femi Otedola was the baba olowo in attendance. He was the highest donor. You know Femi Otedola na. Don't you? Ok! You remembered Farouk Lawal & subsidy money kwo? Ehen, na that Femi wey been dey swallow subsidy money that Farouk wanted to rope him before Femi come use akpako pass akpako on him. Femi single handedly donated N1billion to PDP on the night. No shaking! PDP! POWER!!! 

This one no be dem say dem say, I watched that fund raising dinner live on AIT on that day. I saw the massive explosion of cheers when Femi announced his N1billion donation. �� 

Back to my story jare. 
So, five years later after the fundraising dinner, the secretariat was nowhere near 20% completion even though N6billion was raised for the project that was initially meant to be completed in 2 & a half years. 

However, in October 2013, another former National Chairman of PDP, this time, it was Bamanga Tukur, he initiated fresh moves to re-mobilise the contractors back to the site. How? Through fundraising of course. Are you a learner? �

In December 2014 a combined fundraising dinner was organized to raise funds for Mr. Jonathan's 2015 presidential election and for the building project. A mouthwatering & mind-boggling sum of N21 billion was realized at the event. Yes! You heard me right: N21billion. Is it ur N21billion? ����

I know a lot of us are not very good at mathematics, but let's do this quick maths. 

N6billion + N21billion = N27billion. Blood of Moses! Meanwhile, the secretariat originally was meant to cost "only" N10billion.

Lest I forget to tell you, only N2billion was given to BNL construction company as mobilisation from the N6billion that was raised from the initial fundraising. Balance from there was N4billion. Therefore; N4billion + N21billion? 

The remaining N25billion was converted to yams & eaten up by goats of many breeds. Lol ��� 

At the time I typed this post at 02:37am this morning, the new PDP headquarters in Abuja is still not 50% completed. 

This brings me to a saying by a character in the gods are not to blame; Odewole said;" If the crocodiles can eat up their own eggs, what can they not do to the body of the frog"? 

I'm begging all my PDP friends to take this message to Secondus, Fayose & Wike, PDP should finish building their secretariat in Abuja first before they come to build entire Nigeria. Tankiu!

Credit: Osquare Okpanachi.

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