Tuesday 9 July 2019

Kano Man Stabbed By His Wife Shows Evidence Of Her Sending Nudes To Boyfriends

Hussain, whose 21-year-old wife Fatima Musa almost killed him by stabbing, has finally recovered to narrate his own side of the story.

The incident occurred at 1:30am on June 22 at the couple’s residence at Unguwar Mai Kalwa, Naibawa, Quarters, Kumbotso Local Government Area of Kano State, according to a Daily Focus report.

The family of the wife had earlier painted a picture of self-defence, accused Mr Hussain of wife battery, and released a video of injuries inflicted on her by him before she escaped to pick a knife and stab him.

Fatima, a student of Law at Bayero University Kano, BUK, was immediately arrested by the police.

But at a press conference he organised in his residence, Mr Hussain accused his wife of infidelity and denied accusations of wife beating.

“I caught my wife dancing indecently in my parlour where she was recording the dance on her phone and sending the video clips to her boyfriends,” he told journalists.

“I told her mother about it and she asked me if my wife’s elder sister and grandmother knew what was happening and she pleaded with me not to reveal it to anyone so as not to soil the image of their family.

“Also I challenged one of the boyfriends with whom my wife was exchanging voice notes but said he was not aware that my wife was a married woman.

“This is one of over 30 voice messages I found,” he said, turning on a recorded audio conversation he had with his wife’s alleged boyfriend on his phone.

“I also have evidence on how my wife invited her lover from Abuja and had a session with him in a hotel in Bompai, which name I will not reveal. She did this precisely on 26th April 2016 while being married. She was at the hotel from 10:13 a.m and stayed up to 12:16 pm. And the CCTV camera of that hotel captured this information I’m talking about.

“Also on that same day, a Friday, I caught her taking drugs in my house. She was taking Shisha with some substances that include a high concentration of narcotic. During the last Ramadan fast, she sprinkled drops of poisonous insecticides in my food, a meal of fried eggs. I have the evidence of that too.

“When the problem became so serious, we had to seek an audience with Dr Bashir (Umar), chief Imam of Al-Furqan Jumuat Mosque, who is a well-respected marriage counsellor in order to get advice and save the marriage.

“We went to see Dr. Bashir along with my wife, her mother and her elder brother in my car. I narrated all my accusations against her including her infidelity, promiscuity and drug abuse which she all admitted to Dr. Bashir.

“But it was on the same day after we returned home that she stabbed me with a knife after I seized her phone, which she used to send her nude pictures and videos to her boyfriends. I was already in bed when she picked two knives from her kitchen and came to the room. She sat in front of my bed, with her back facing the mirror as if she was meditating. At that moment, she raised the first knife and stabbed me on the side of my stomach and then threw the knife behind her.

“I woke up fully to see her raising the second knife to strike me but I attempted to hold her hand, getting injured in the process. This is the scar as you can see.

“She raised the knife again to strike me but I dodged, forcing the knife to sink into the mattress. At that moment, I stood up and held her hand in an attempt to seize the knife. She bit my hand during the struggle, warning me to release. It was in this struggle that I pushed her and she fell and hit her head against the side drawer and subsequently on the rough floor tiles which made her face swollen.

“It was not true that we fought in the kitchen. The trail of blood stains could be seen only from the floor of my room to the parlour.

“Therefore I challenge her family members from both her mother’s and father’s side to bring any evidence that I was beating their daughter every day. The video clip they were circulating were from the scene of this particular incident we are talking about.

“So, my friend Lawali rescued me on that day with the help of Allah and took me to the hospital. As he was holding my feet while I was writhing in pains, the third face I saw on me was that of my mother-in-law and I warned her not to touch me. My friend Ustaz can testify to this.

“I complained to her that she was aware of my wife’s promiscuous behavior and her attempt to poison me but they didn’t take action. At hearing this, my mother-in-law started gesturing to me to keep quiet, pleading with me not to expose her daughter’s bad behavior to the world.

“Before leaving the hospital, my mother-in-law sought for permission from my friend Ustaz to privately see and discuss with her daughter.”

Making reference to Zainab Sanda saga and how evidence is allegedly destroyed by wife’s family, he said the family of his wife concocted the story of wife battery in order to make their daughter the victim and portray him in bad light.

“There was a similar case in Abuja where the husband died. So my mother-in-law conspired with her daughter to destroy evidence and sponsor campaigns of calumny against my person on social media.

“They sponsored video clips and other materials in which I was accused of alcoholism, drug abuse and wife beating. This was done in order to tarnish my image and make me look like I was wicked so that my wife would get public sympathy. But I have evidence of their daughter’s immorality, unfaithfulness and drug use,” Mr Hussein said.

When asked if he had ever reported on his wife’s alleged immorality to her parents he said:

“I have been reporting my wife to her parents. And every time I report her, I normally send them the evidence of what she does online. I sent them via Whatsapp to the father and to the mother. If they don’t have the records of what I sent, I have them here.

“These are some of the nude pictures; she normally did videos and send to her boyfriends despite being married,” he said, showing video clips of his wife in compromised poses on his phone.

“But the response of the parents is that I should please cover them, I should keep it within myself, I should not expose them because it will tarnish their image. My wife was even exchanging porn videos with some of the friends she has,” he said.

Hussain also claimed that he was not aware that his wife was “immoral” before he married her and that even after the marriage he could not discover her strange behaviour in time because he didn’t have access to her phone.

“Even a day to the marriage, her father sat her down and told her that it was the last opportunity she had to choose a husband. She was asked if she loved me and she answered yes. I gave her gifts which she accepts and even sent me messages. We had a very good courtship,” Mr Hussein said.

Mr Hussein also said he did not opt for a divorce despite her alleged infidelity because her parents were always giving him hope that things get better and that he himself was anticipating changes.

“I had no plans to divorce her because as a Muslim I was always anticipating changes. I prayed during the holy month of Ramadan for Allah to make things better between us,” he added.

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