Thursday 15 August 2019

MPs call for Tory Remainer 'collaborators' to be kicked out of the party as they agree to MEET with Jeremy Corbyn to plot how to block No Deal Brexit and oust Boris Johnson from Downing Street

Tory Remainer rebels AGREE to meet with Jeremy Corbyn to discuss plans to block No Deal

Three leading Tory Remainer MPs sparked the fury of their pro-Brexit colleagues and risked their future in the Conservative Party today after they agreed to meet with Jeremy Corbyn to discuss how to block a No Deal divorce from the EU. 

Mr Corbyn sent a letter to opposition leaders and a handful of senior Europhile Conservative MPs last night urging them to help him topple Boris Johnson and become caretaker PM to delay Brexit beyond October 31. 

The proposal has been given short shrift by Liberal Democrat leader Jo Swinson who called the plan 'nonsense' but a trio of Tories have agreed to face-to-face talks with Mr. Corbyn. 

Dominic Grieve, Dame Caroline Spelman, and Sir Oliver Letwin reportedly said in a written response to Mr Corbyn: 'We agree that our common priority should be to work together in Parliament to prevent No Deal Brexit and welcome your invitation to discuss the different ways that this might be achieved. 

'We would be happy to meet with you as well as colleagues from other opposition parties whenever convenient in the weeks before Parliament returns.'

Former Tory and now independent MP Nick Boles has also agreed to attend the talks. 

Tory Brexiteers delivered an ultimatum to the trio and said they must choose between backing Mr. Johnson and leaving the party. 

It came as Mr Corbyn was accused of 'surrendering' to the SNP as he said a Labour government would not block a second Scottish independence referendum.  

Jeremy Corbyn, pictured outlining his plans on Sky News today, has invited opposition leaders and Tory rebels to work with him to oust Boris Johnson
Jeremy Corbyn, pictured outlining his plans on Sky News today, has invited opposition leaders and Tory rebels to work with him to oust Boris Johnson
Dominic Grieve
Dame Caroline Spelman
Sir Oliver Letwin
Dominic Grieve (pictured in July) is one of three sitting Tory MPs along with Dame Caroline Spelman and Sir Oliver Letwin to have agreed to meet with Jeremy Corbyn to discuss his anti-No Deal plans
The letter sent by Jeremy Corbyn setting out how he intends to stop a No Deal Brexit
The letter sent by Jeremy Corbyn setting out how he intends to stop a No Deal Brexit

Corbyn: Labour would not block second Scottish independence referendum

Jeremy Corbyn said today a Labour government would not block a second referendum on Scottish independence in a move likely to spark a fierce backlash among the party's MPs.
The Labour leader said he did not believe a second vote on leaving the UK would be a good idea and he would advise against holding one. 
But he insisted MPs in Westminster should not stand in the way if Scotland wanted another public vote on the issue. 
Scottish Conservatives immediately accused Mr Corbyn of 'surrendering' to Nicola Sturgeon in a bid to secure SNP support for a future Labour-led government. 
The SNP leader welcomed Mr Corbyn's comments and said: 'I’m not Jeremy Corbyn’s biggest fan but on this he’s right'.  
Mr Corbyn's remarks came after shadow chancellor John McDonnell said earlier this month that a Labour government would not block a future referendum on Scottish independence. 
Labour in Scotland has campaigned against holding a second public vote with the party's Scottish leader Richard Leonard has previously indicated it would refuse to grant Holyrood the power to stage one.
Scotland voted in 2014 to remain part of the UK by 55 per cent to 45 per cent. Ms Sturgeon has indicated she wants to hold a second vote before 2021. 
Mr Corbyn was asked today if he agreed with Mr McDonnell's statement and he replied: 'It's not up to Parliament to block it, but it's up to Parliament to make a point about whether it's a good idea or not.
'I do not think it's a good idea.'
While committing to a meeting with Mr Corbyn, the rebels did not discuss supporting a vote of no confidence against Mr Johnson - a move which would almost certainly result in them losing the Conservative whip.  
Dame Caroline later clarified that she would be unwilling to support a temporary government led by Mr Corbyn in any circumstances, according to Sky News. 
The fact that sitting Tory MPs are willing to meet with Mr Corbyn to discuss how to thwart Mr Johnson's 'do or die' Brexit pledge to take Britain out of the EU by October 31 with or without a deal has prompted an angry backlash.  
One Conservative Brexiteer told MailOnline: ‘The whole ambition for a Conservative should be to stop Jeremy Corbyn, not to stop Brexit. That’s the problem.
‘Stopping a No Deal Brexit is basically stopping Brexit and that is what they want.
‘To weaken the leverage of the Prime Minister in this negotiation only brings a smile to Michel Barnier’s face.
‘They should not be talking to Jeremy Corbyn. The test is going to be this: If they vote with Jeremy Corbyn to undermine the negotiating position of Boris Johnson they should go.
‘If these people talk to the Labour Party their constituents would be horrified. They should know who the enemy is. It is ludicrous.’  
Another Tory Eurosceptic said: ‘I find it extraordinary that they can be working with the Leader of the Opposition, particularly Jeremy Corbyn because of his extreme left-wing views.
‘Boris Johnson has just won a Tory leadership contest on the very issue they are complaining about.
‘They should be supporting the PM and having nothing to do with the Leader of the Opposition.
‘They either have to get behind Boris Johnson or they have to leave the party.’

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