Wednesday 19 February 2014

Ese Walters Speaks On Her Secret Marriage And Life After The COZA Scandal

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In a recent interview,  Ese Walter who made public her sexual relationship with COZA Pastor, Biodun Fatoyinbo,  last year, revealed  how the almost forgotten scandal had affected her.
 “I feel brand new. I think I am different from 2013 because I have been on a path of growth. In August 2013 when I blogged about the affair that went viral, I was in a difficult place. Difficult because I had lots of thoughts in my head that was stopping me from making meaningful progress in my life especially in the area of my faith.

I was confused, kind of lost and sick and tired of myself. I felt my journey was getting complicated and there was no one to talk to. The people whom I trusted with my deepest worries had let me down and turned it to gossip.

My relationship was suffering because I had trust issues and it was affecting everything.  The blog led to a sort of breakdown that brought about a breakthrough for me.

Suddenly, all the bad things that could happen were happening at the same time. It felt as though it was the end. And indeed it was. The Ese I had been for nearly three decades died, literally.
When you have gotten to the lowest of the low, the only choice left is to get back up. So, I started to build again. I left the Country for a month to get some sanity. In that time, I read a lot, prayed a lot more and stayed off the internet as much as I could. It was a sort of mental detox for me.

By the time I got back, I was in a different head space. Somehow I didn’t care too much what people thought or said about me. I was a bit clearer where I wanted to go with work and what I believe to be my purpose.

 I found a new focus for my energy and spent a lot of time writing, planning, thinking, implementing and loving myself. The Ese of 2014 is a lot more focused than any other year before now. I am deeply driven and have huge dreams that push me out of bed every morning as well as define where I spend my energy and the things I ignore completely.

Most importantly, I am developing my relationship with God. I enjoy a certain level of peace that I believe radiates through me and affects everything I come in contact with. As for my wedding to my best friend, coming up in March, I am deeply satisfied with my decision to spend my life with him. We had our marriage registry on February 15th and look forward to the other celebrations of marriage that will follow shortly.

I am looking forward to this new phase and to sharing my journey with someone who believes in me more than anyone I have ever known." She concluded.

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