Thursday 20 February 2014

Is This The Weirdest Question Ever Asked On The Internet?

Is this the weirdest question ever asked on the internet?
Reddit users helped a man out with his egg conundrum (Picture: Alamy)
Internet users were on hand to offer some pearls of wisdom to one man looking for an answer to a bizarre question about an egg, his girlfriend and… somewhere on his body.
It’s unclear how long the confused chap agonised over his conundrum, but at least he didn’t bring it up at a dinner party (we hope).
‘Why would a girlfriend beg for months to put an egg in your rectum (sexually) and then when you finally agree she now always calls you a “yolk-assed bitch” in public and even in front of your parents?’ he asked.
Hundreds of users on social news web replied with some pun-tastic answers, see the best responses below.
‘I guess the yolks on you.’
‘Crackin jokes I see.’
‘Let’s not egg him on.’
‘Omelet this one pass.’
‘We shell see.’
‘I’m just chicken in, to see what all the fuss is about.’
‘I think it’s time for you to dump her. And, that’s enough internet for today….’
‘How did you even get it in without it breaking first?’
If you can help this man out, leave your comments below.

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