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Married Woman Caught Getting Intimate With Husband's Nephew In Oyo Explain's Why... -

The hue and cry over the death of two brothers, Kunmi and Niyi Adetokun, from Jagun village in Lagelu Local Government area of Oyo State are yet to die down as the Baale of Jagun, Chief Isiaka Akinpelu frowned at a newspaper publication (not Sunday Tribune) on the story in which the man fingered to have laced the dead brothers with Magun, former Balogun of Jagun, Mr Olusegun Ojetade, claimed that the Baale was the one who sent thugs to attack him and destroy his house.

OLUWATOYIN MALIK was in Jagun community for an on-the-spot assessment and held an interview with the Baale and some of the family members of the deceased. The ruins of the building which once housed Ojetade and his family also stood as a staring evidence of what might have transpired during the attack. 
Chief Akinpelu narrated his side thus:

“WHEN Kunmi died and it was insinuated that it was as a result of magun which people said was planted on them by the then Balogun Olusegun Ojetades, as the traditional head, I enjoined my subjects to be calm so that we would find solution to it and save the life of the second young man. Many of my people said they were very sure that Kunmi had an affair with Balogun’s wife.

“I told them that they should have informed me so that we reprimand them to prevent any untoward happening. I then summoned Ojetade to get his own side of the story. When he came, he was alleged again by the people in his presence but he denied.

“One young man stood up and mentioned some names who he said I should call to get the truth of the matter because they knew about the affair between Kunmi and Balogun’s wife. I called the people and they confirmed it. I called Balogun’s wife, Rachael, to get her side of the relationship between her and late Kunmi.

“She admitted openly that she had s*x with Kunmi and that there was a time her husband saw her with Kunmi and the husband challenged her and reported her to the oldest woman in the family. I asked her again whether Kunmi had s*x with her and she answered in affirmation, saying that she did not understand how it happened and added that Kunmi must have used charms on her. In order not to embarrass her, I asked her to go and warned everyone not to insult the family, but to concentrate on what to do so that the life of the younger brother could be saved.

“I asked her husband what could be done to save the life of Kunmi’s younger brother, saying in Yoruba: A na omo naa lo mo aremo, meaning that it is the person who beats a child that knows what to do placate the child. Segun Ojetade replied openly that there was no problem concerning that as he knew what to do and where to get the antidote for the magun.

“The following day, he called and demanded for transport fare to where he would get the antidote and I gave him N1000. On Thursday, December 5, 2013, he went to Oje area where Niyi was being taken care of. He was with Pa Adekanmbi, the family head, and Seun, Niyi’s brother. Seun called me and said Ojetade needed N4,000 for the antidote. I asked him to tell Ojetade to use his money; that I would refund him.

“The boy replied that Ojetade said he had no money. I spoke with Ojetade himself and he confirmed what Seun said. So I asked them to meet me at Olubadan’s palace for the money which I gave him in the presence of Seun and Pa Adekanmbi. I even gave Seun N500. That was around 12 noon. Seun called me at about 7.30p.m. and said Niyi was dead. It was so painful that he died despite all the moves we made. I told them not to come to the village that night but to delay taking the corpse to the village the following day.

“On December 6, I received a call that indigenes of Arikese village invaded Jagun and had beaten Ojetade to coma. I quickly rushed down to Jagun but first stopped at Iyana Offa police station where I was given a policeman. When we got to the village, everywhere was in a mess because touts from Lalupon and Academy area of Ibadan came and destroyed everywhere.

Niyi was a driver so they came in sympathy of their member.

“When they heard the wailing of the siren of the pilot vehicle I rode in, they all fled. I met Ojetade almost lifeless. I had to pick him myself and took him to my own family doctor for treatment. I gave the doctor a deposit of N2,000 and later paid N25,000. I was surprised when I saw a publication accusing me of being the one who sent thugs after him because he had an issue with me over a land sold by him and his brother. He was quoted to have said that it was because of that they told a lie against him that he laced the two brothers with magun

“On the issue of land, as the customary head, my consent must be sought before the sale of any land. It was the villagers who came to tell me that they were seeing strange faces in the village and wanted to know if I knew anything about the sale. I called Ojetade and what he did was to prostrate and asked for forgiveness. I told him to inform the buyers to come and do the proper agreement that would have my endorsement also.

“When the buyers came, I castigated them for not doing the proper thing when they came to purchase land. It was then I heard his father’s land was just two or three acres and he sold six or seven acres. When I heard that, I told them to go and settle it within the family and come back to me. Up till now, I have not seen them.

“I then thought I could no longer have Ojetade as my Balogun. He was recommended by his family. I became Baale in November 1995. On January 1, 2014, when I held the end-of-the-year feast for the community, the representative of the Ojetade family came and said they were withdrawing the nomination of Ojetade 

“There and then, they unanimously presented another candidate, Chief Joseph Ayinla Ojetade as their new representative. I wrote a letter to the Olubadan-in-Council and it was approved. Even if I had decided to retain him, people will not accept him; they may even wage a war against me. Ojetade now lives in Lalupon, nobody sent him away but he has refused to come to the community.”

“The latest development now is that Ojetade’s elder brother is dead. According to Chief Akinpelu, “the elder brother, Olumide Ojetade, whom he said he agreed with before selling his father’s land came to me to apologise for not according me my due respect, revealing that he was given only peanuts from the land proceeds. We learnt that Ojetade was angry that he came to me and the next thing Olumide Ojetade saw was that his two legs became swollen.

“His son, Sola, told me that all the places they went to enquire through divination on the cause of the strange illness, his father was told to go to Segun Ojetade, his younger brother. It got to a stage that Sola warned that nothing must happen to his father but I told him to be calm. To our surprise, the man died on Wednesday, January 29 at Iyana Offa and was buried on Thursday, January 30.”

Afusat Adetokun (Kunmi and Niyi’s mother)

By the time Niyi died, I was already in my own village at Arikese where I was taken after Kunmi’s death. I never had any affair with Segun Ojetade as people were saying. It is true that he approached me for an affair but he never saw my n*kedness. I think the type inflicted on Kunmi by Segun was Akotan because he could not talk before he gave up the ghost but it was Niyi who really opened up that he slept with Femi’s wife.

Pa Adewole Adekanbi (senior member of Balogun’s family)

It is true that Rachael confessed to Baale in the presence of all those who were seated on the particular day that Kunmi had s*xual intercourse with her. All members of Adekanmbi family, including our Mogaji, were present. When Kunmi died and it was linked to the affair he had with former Balogun’s wife, we appealed to him to do something so that Niyi could be saved.

He promised that he would find solution to it. Baale gave him N1000 as transport fare to Ibadan. When he got the family house at Oje area, he called again and said he needed money for the antidote and the Baale said we should come to him at Olubadan’s palace. Ojetade, Seun who is Niyi’s younger brother and I went to meet him and it was in my presence Baale gave him N4,000 and gave Seun N500.

Before Kunmi died, he couldn’t talk, so he could not tell us the main cause of his ailment but Niyi opened up that he slept with Femi’s wife. Some of the villagers also knew about the affair between Kunmi and Rachael, former Balogun’s wife.

SOURCE: Tribune

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