Wednesday 3 September 2014

Man Spent Fortune On Girl He Met On POF Dating Site Only To Realize He’s Been Duped

A man is lamenting on twitter after he was duped by a girl he met on a dating site. Dolce Gabs met the said lady on dating site called Plenty of Fish (POF) and he’s been splashing fortune on her so he could get in between her legs.

 It all started with her telling him she had clocked 30. To show her ‘levels,’ he asked her what she wanted. The sharp girl said a Michael Kors wristwatch and a trip to Morrocco … and of course the father Christmas obliged. He also paid for her to go for a Rak adventure in Marrakech.  She even requested 3rd party use of his MasterCard…thank god he didn’t fall mugu.

Then he decided it was time to ask for the p*ssy and the girl went hump on him…Lol. By his calculation he’s spent over a thousand dollars on this girl…yet no show.  During all this time they’ve never met face to face.
The poor guy decided to unburden his pain to his twitter fans only to be told he is not her first victim. Continue to see their chart after cut…

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