Tuesday 2 September 2014

"SURULERE" [Patience is Virtue] P-Square’s Peter Okoye Used To Sell Mangoes While Paul Was An Electrician

Vic Lawrence at says the most basic reasons for impatience are lack of control, lack of understanding, lack of planning, lack of communication and unrealistic expectations. When you claim control of these issues you can claim the rewards that patience can deliver.

 P-Square who are currently on the promo run for their new single with T.I. yesterday they dropped in on Toolz’s Mid-Day show on Beat 99.9 FM to talk about their new album which drops on 12th September and all things P-Square! Older brother and manager Jude “Engees” Okoye also came through. 

During the interview Paul revealed that before the money and fame, he used to be an electrician! He said,
"I used to fix fans, boilers and electrical things, but there was no AC that time so I can’t fix that on.
Peter also revealed that he sold mangoes before music,

Paul was an electrician, me I would climb the tree in our school to steal the mangoes and sell. I also used to gamble and the biggest gamble I took was saying we should move to Lagos"

Remember when P-Square almost broke up a few months back? Speaking on that incident the brothers said it was just a regular misunderstanding between siblings. They went on to reassure their fans that everything is all good between them now and there would be no P-Square break up.

They also touched on married life, with Paul admitting married life has made him much more responsible but not as free to as he was when single, he said
I can’t take a picture without a shirt now, I’ll use a tank top instead but that doesn’t apply to Peter sha!

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