Wednesday 3 September 2014

‘World’s Biggest Tumour’ Weighing 17 Stone Removed From Man Who Could Never Stand Up

Some 9 doctors took 16 hours to remove the giant tumour weighing 110kg from the man who received 5000ml of blood during the op
Doctors have removed what they believe is the world’s largest tumour from a man in Beijing, China.
Thirty seven years ago, Yang Jianbin was born with a dark birth mark on the right side of his lower back.

At the age of nine it started growing into a tumour. By 12 it was the size of a fist and he had surgery to remove it. But it quickly started to grow again.
By the time he arrived in hospital in Beijing recently it weighed an incredible 110kg.
Chief surgeon Chen Minliang said Yang suffers from a condition known as Neurofibromatosis.
He said: “We have seen neurofibromatosis patients before, but this is the biggest nerve tumor we ever saw.”
Before his operation, Yang said the giant tumor greatly affected his life. He could only lie down or sit on his bed all day long.
The removal surgery involved 9 doctors and took 16 hours, during which Yang received more than 5000ml of blood, which is more than the entire amount an adult’s body holds.
Yang is now recovering well and it expected to be discharged later this month.
Yang-Jianbin (1)Yang-Jianbin
Yang-Jianbin (3)
Yang-Jianbin (2)
Yang-Jianbin (4)

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