Tuesday 19 May 2015

Shocking photo! Woman's Uterus Falls Out Through Her V* [Viewers discretion strongly advised]

“According to Media TakeOut, the woman's uterus fell out during sex with a very big man as she worked in adult films” 
We can’t post the picture here as it’s too graphic. Click HERE 

Our Findings: Your Uterus Can Fall Out
Unfortunately, it is actually common for women to suffer from what is called Uterine Prolapse. Uterine Prolapse is a fancy term for when your uterus basically collapses on itself and, in severe cases, the uterus passes through the vaginal opening.

This problem tends to occur as we age into post-menopause. The pelvic floor muscles (PC muscles) and ligaments that hold the uterus in place weaken with the diminishing estrogen levels. Other risks for Uterine Prolapse include: having one or more vaginal births, smoking, being overweight, lifting objects that are too heavy, and untreated chronic cough.
·         A feeling as if sitting on a small ball
·         Difficult or painful sexual intercourse
·         Frequent urination or a sudden, urgent need to empty the bladder
·         Low backache
·         Protruding of the uterus and cervix through the vaginal opening (Duh!)
·         Repeated bladder infections
·         Sensation of heaviness or pulling on the pelvis
·         Vaginal bleeding or increased vaginal discharge
For most women who have mild forms of Uterine Prolapse there is a great non-surgical solution. Do your Kegels! Yes, this is just one more reason to do Kegel exercises to strengthen your pelvic floor muscles.   Even Margret Cho’s stand-up video, “Beautiful,” boasts a strong cunt with her Smart-Ball-assisted Kegel exercises as she started experiencing Uterine Prolapse. Otherwise, there are special medical devices you can insert to hold the uterus in place, and of course surgical options of tying your uterus to the nearest ligament.
Preventative care helps, so do your Kegels. Kegel Exercises are easy, discreet, and benefit your sexual health all around. Finding the right group can be a little tricky, but inserting a finger can help you isolate the right muscles.
Pee Pausing
If you want to strengthen those PC muscles, try stopping your pee while you’re urinating. If you can’t completely stop your pee, try just slowing it down and building your strength over time. Make sure to empty your bladder completely after practicing.
The Flutter
Try squeezing your PC muscles as fast as you can in sets of five. Then rest and do another set. These exercises are particularly helpful for urinary incontinence.
The Elevator
This exercise is deeper and especially great for preventing Uterine Prolapse. You tighten your PC muscles slowly with long holds. Imagine you are on an elevator raising your PC muscles up floor by floor. Once you hit the third floor slowly relax your muscles stopping at each floor.
If you are having trouble strengthening on your own or aren’t quite sure if you are doing them correctly, you can add special toys designed to strengthen the pelvic floor. Take a peek at your local toy shop. Early to Bed is great for advice in finding the perfect strengthening toys for your needs. Stay tuned for my next article which will be a review of Fun Factory’s Smart Balls.

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