Thursday 23 July 2015


Brigadier General Musa Sani Yusuf, Chairman of the board of the General Court-martial, speak at the opening session of the general court-martial session in Abuja
Brigadier General Musa Sani Yusuf
The Nigerian army has appointed Brigadier General Musa Yusuf to take over the elite Guard’s Brigade in Abuja from Brigadier General Anthony Omozoje who was redeployed to command the 14th Brigade in Ohafia, Abia State.
At a handing over ceremony yesterday in Abuja, the new commandant of the Guard’s Brigade, General Yusuf stated his commitment to ensuring the safety of President Muhammadu Buhari and his family.
“Well for now we are prepared to face all the challenges, we know the major challenges in the country,” General Yusuf said, adding that “on the issues of insurgency in and around Abuja, there are arrangements in place to make sure the city is secured.”
Speaking earlier, the out-gone commander of the Brigade, Brigadier General Omozoje said there was never a dull moment in the brigade, as the task is very demanding which requires a lot of commitment, discipline and sacrifice.

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