Wednesday 22 July 2015

Watch A Homeless Drug Addict Vs. Homeless Father Social Experiment - How New Yorkers Treat Them? UNBELIEVABLE!

This social experiment by Coby Persin gets deeper into what is wrong with the society of today. He sat on the streets of NYC with a sign that clearly asked for money for his alcohol and drug addictions, and then later sat with a little girl as his daughte. How the bypassers treated him made me furious.

If you’ve ever walked down a busy street, chances are, you may have encountered a homeless person. More often than not, these people are ignored as we pass them by — many of us have even been taught from a young age to avoid making eye contact. However, it’s hard to think that anyone could pass by a homeless man and his daughter and not want to help — but that’s exactly what happened when Colby Persin did a social experiment on the streets of New York.
Colby wanted to see what type of homeless person New Yorkers were more likely to give to — a man asking for money for his family, or a man asking for money for drugs and alcohol. The results were shocking! When Colby pretended to be a homeless drug addict, the donations came pouring in. However, when he pretended to be a homeless father, not one person stopped to help. That is, until another homeless woman walked by and did something that broke my heart — leaving us with an important message. “Sometimes those that have less, are the ones who give more.”

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