Friday 6 November 2015

Female Students In Sierra-Leone Undergo Pregnancy Tests Before School Exams'

Girls in Sierra Leone are given pregnancy tests before being allowed to sit their exams, says the rights group Amnesty International. 

An 18-year-old described the physical inspection she was given in March before sitting her final school exams in the Amnesty report; 

"The female teachers told all the girls we would be searched as pregnant girls are not allowed to sit exams. We were made to line up and we were checked. "They touched our breasts and stomach to see if we were pregnant. Some girls were made to take urine tests."
Amnesty say testing has been happening since at least 2013, before the Ebola crisis. But a rise in teenage pregnancies as schools shut amid the Ebola crisis has meant more girls are being barred from taking their exams.

Source; BBC 

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