Monday, 2 November 2015

One Hell Of A Hangover: Man Wakes Up From Boozy Stag Party To Discover Pair Of Ray-Bans Sunglasses Tattooed To His Face

Welsh stag party reveller woke up with Rayban sunglasses tattooed on his faceĀ 
The party-goer looked in the mirror after a night out and thought his friends had drawn around his eyes with marker pen. But when he tried to wash the markings off, he realised it was a permanent tattoo, which included the word 'Rayban' etched into his skin. The man in his fifties, from Swansea, South Wales, has since spent two years getting the sunglasses tattoo lasered off of his face.

A stag reveller woke up from a boozy night out with more than just a hangover to worry about.
After rubbing the sleep from his eyes the party-goer was stunned to look in the mirror and discover he had a pair of glasses tattooed on his face.

The man, who has not been named, at first hoped it was just marker pens that pals had drawn on him but after furious washing the reality soon dawned on him.
With blue lines around his eyes and the side of his head, the life-size tattoo even had the word "Rayban" crudely etched into his skin.
And now the man in his fifties has spent TWO YEARS getting the shades tattoo lasered off his face.

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