Monday, 2 November 2015

Woman Smokes Flakka, Strips Naked, Allows Men Play With Her V*gina In Broad Daylight

A young woman who allegedly got high on Flakka sometime back and then stripped naked at a restaurant and allowed strangers play with her vagina on camera has been arrested.

The 23-year-old woman identified as Angelic Isabella Valle was arrested was arrested and charged with lewd and lascivious behavior.

Miami Beach police picked up Isabella after the shocking video of her dancing naked and causing damage to the Johnny Rockets restaurant, which is located at 728 Ocean Drive, went viral.

Though her father told the court that his daughter is suffering from a form of mental illness, she was charged with lewd and lascivious behavior, incite to riot, indecent exposure and disorderly conduct. She was booked into the Miami-Dade jail, and her bail was set at $3,000.

The judge also ordered her to undergo a psychiatric evaluation.

Witnesses told Police officer that Valle went up to the second floor of the restaurant and started spitting. She then took off all her clothes and came downstairs to dance naked. She was said to be breathing heavily and seemed deranged.

She caused about $420 in damage to the restaurant by breaking two tables and two glasses.

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