Sunday 29 November 2015

Small Penis Competition Desperately Hunting For World's Tiniest Manhood [Photos+Video]

Contestants will strip off to display their genitals through evening wear and swimsuits at the annual competition.

The owner of the smallest penis will win £325, a crown and a sash at the competition in New York.
But just weeks before the contest, organisers at the Kings County Saloon are struggling to find entrants and have put out a call for "exemplary small penises" from around the world.
They've opened up a website which lets anyone nominate their friends for the honour – and video submissions will be accepted.
Earlier this year, a party celebrating those with smaller-than-average members was held in the UK.
The Facebook event for The Big Small Penis Party was shared thousands of times.
It claimed to be the "first ever conference for the celebration and acceptance of small penises everywhere".
The party was launched to highlight the stigma of body shaming and promised to involve nudity – "and may contain nuts".

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