Saturday 19 March 2016

20-year-old Lady With A Poisonous Teeth Arrested for Biting her Neighbour to Death

A 20-year-old woman identified as Onyinyeche Ogbona has been arrested by policemen attached to the Homicide Unit State Criminal Investigation Department at Panti Yaba Lagos Police Command for allegedly biting her neighbour to death.
According to National Mirror, Ogbona, and the deceased identified as Engineer Pius Ezema were neighbours at a building in Ebute Metta area. However, on March 12, an altercation ensued between the two after Pius attacked Onyinyeche for singing loudly near the window in the “face-me-I -face -you” apartment they lived at.

The altercation escalated into a fierce fight which ended up with Onyinyeche biting Pius. The man was reported to have died a day after the fight took place. Addressing the incident, Ogbona denied allegations that she killed her neighbour. She stated that she only defended herself from being brutally attacked by the deceased.
According to her , she was enjoying her morning devotion in her room when Pius suddenly barged into her  room to shout at her, saying she was disturbing.  He had allegedly slapped her and used a whip to flog her until the neighbours intervened. As soon as they left and she decided to step out, Pius descended on her again but this time he brought out a knife and threatened to slit her throat. It was then Onyiyeche stated that she bit him on his hand so he could release his grip on her neck.
She also stated that she was shocked when she was accused of killing the deceased after he passed away two days after the incident. According to her neighbours, he was found dead in his room, lying face up and foaming in his mouth.
Onyiyeche was arrested by officers from Denton Police station and was accused of having poisonous teeth which caused the death of her neighbour.

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